Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As you know, or as you don't know,
I have many nieces and nephews.

In the beginning (and as i wrote that all I could think about is Dad's joke that they played baseball in the Bible...yeah moving on...)

In the beginning (no baseball Bible reference here), there was only one nephew, Trevor.
He was spoiled rotten, and me being only 8 (welcome to Utah!), had a new playmate. Then, Trevor was joined by a few girls. Four to be exact, Katelyn, Alexa, Zarra and Elizabeth. And shortly after the 4 girls, we finally got one more boy. Solomon. And another boy, Benjamin. And yet THREE more boys, Luke, Tyler, and Noah (not sure in the order there...), and FINALLY we got one more girl, Sarah. Life is good. And 2 more babies are on their way...One is a girl (at least that is what the person with the medical degree says) and the other one is a....SURPRISE! And by "surprise" i mean "it's 50/50 and could go either way". So I think the total is up to 10 plus two on the way so, TWELVE. Not that anyone is counting...

Back to the point of this post (as you can tell I get sidetracked easily and can give WAY too much background).

Boys. There are 6 little boys climbing around in my immediate family tree. Three of the six are currently in my house running around. Okay okay, it's not MY house, but you get the idea. And let's just say that sometimes chaos (i love that word) best describes it. Or warzone. Or a cornicopia (tis the season to use that word) of other synonyms.

Other times, it is peaceful.



I love them! I love them all!

I love listening to Solomon explain (quite calmly) to Luke why he is upset that Luke took away his lightsaber without asking. I love having Solomon cheer me on when I'm painting my room and telling me that I am doing a great job. And to anyone else that happens by, "My Julie is painting her room and My Julie is doing a great job!".

I love Luke's sly grin as he holds up a new, unopened pack of gum and asks for a piece. And after I open it up and give him a piece, he takes off running down the hall, dropping the newly opened pack of gum in my purse (I knew it looked familiar). I love spending hours with Luke and Solomon "wrestling" and Luke's amazing "no fear" attitude.

I love how I am repeatedly 10 minutes late for work because Luke is telling me to "drive safe", "buckle up", and "you come home after work to see me before I go to sleep, okay?".

I love that when Noah saw me for the first time in a long time he ran up to me and gave me a hug and told me how much he had missed me. I love how he is content with juice, crackers and Pirates of the Caribbean.

I love when I go to play with Ben, he meets me as I'm getting out of the car, barefeet and all, telling me that his name is "Denahi". I love taking the boys out for "special dates", and going to the treehouse.

I love how Tyler actually started to like me after our Treehouse date.

I love how Tyler and Ben both knew about the temple and wanted to go walk around the grounds after playing for hours at the Treehouse.

I love how Luke cries when Solomon leaves for school (and you have to hear him say "school") and I love how Luke is so understanding about his limited diet and loves to eat crackers and cream cheese.

I love talking to the boys before they go to bed and listening to what they have to say. They have opinions and ideas and thoughts and I love to hear them.

Wow. Stop me now.

Apparently I could go on forever and ever about how much I love those little guys and why. So, I think you get the picture...

And I know that I mentioned Luke and Solomon more, but that's just because I live with them...comes with the territory I guess.

Again, the point of this post was to show that

I love and am thankful for

the little boys in my life.

You big guys are important too, but the little boys are just SO cute! So, to sum up, I am thankful for boys. There, I said it. I know, I know. I am crazy, but we all already knew that, so get over it.

Wow. I just wrote a long blurb about boys.

oh well. read it. all of it. word by word.

you know you want to.

Boys Rule.

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Becca said...

You are too cute Julie. That was a nice post. You know what else is nice? You! What a wonderful auntie you are! Seriously, you are so good to them! Now wonder they love you!