Monday, February 2, 2009

I was cold. No other reason.

I was cold.
I had worn every coat with every scarf in every combination.
I was tired of wearing 283 layers everyday.
I missed my swim suit.
I missed swimming.
I missed the warm sun.
I didn't want to do any homework.
(Biggest motivator)

So, I went here.

North Shore, Oahu

And this is what I did.

Shrimp Truck,

Giovanni's is the absolute BEST!
Why didn't anyone tell me I had mascara underneath my right eye?!

Lava Flows,

The highlight
(oh, and haagen-daz bars with Mom @ midnight)

Swap Meet,

I bought two amazingly gorgeous skirts.
No picture.
It wouldn't do them justice.

Ocean, Sand, Surfers

Notice Mom's eyes are closed. I woke up unusually early.

and, of course, the pool.

Underwater cameras rock.

All Hawaiian Traditions were packed in a 18 hour period before leaving Oahu.

Maui awaited.

New and Unfamiliar

but lovely nonetheless.

Whale watching

Better "official" picture to come...

and we were "Maui Mugged" by whales

I was much to excited to take any "good" pictures on the boat.
So, here you go.
A bit of a tail and a bit of a charge.

and of course the beach and pool (round 2).

I relaxed far too much

to remember a silly camera
to this beach session.

And far too soon,
I was back to reality.

I think I can survive the winter now.

P.S. This made me smile


Amy said...

I am so jealous!

Neisy said...

Julie...I can't believe you left your best hawaii partner back on the mainland...suffering in the snow! I need a lava flow and I need it NOW!
I love you