Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i started this post a
thousand times
and meant it to be up months ago,
but each time it sounded like a
journal entry
and i am positive that you do not want to read about every detail.
(i never want to forget anything and have been told i am extremely introspective)
So, i ultimately decided to
just show you photos of this
truly spectacular adventure.
with a little narration.

(let's start with: neener neener)

it started out with laundry and moving karen and jordan between apartments in nyc.

we quickly moved on to DC.
sightseeing is interesting with a couple other million people there.

this man had a lot of causes. a lot.

jordan was sad when i told him to make a "normal" face.
(this is pennsylvania avenue, by the way.
right smack dab in front of the president's house)

it was a bit chilly. i wore many layers.

mass of people in front of lincoln memorial.
reminds me of Forest Gump.

karen bought a new $8 coat for the occassion.
it was a swell coat, and brought a smile to my face.
i never lost her in a crowd.

thank you senator bennett.
the tickets were pretty snazzy looking.

we woke up crazy early and walked on the closed-down freeway to our entrance (blue).
this was my favorite.

we were kinda far away. but still. it was. incredible
and we didn't wake up early enough for the good spots
(we heard they were gone by 4 am...yeah, not happening)

obama is in there ,somewhere, giving his inaugural address.

karen and i high-tailed it out of there afterwards.
we had a plane to catch!!
and my feet hurt.
some words of advice:
don't wear high-heel,
super-warm boots
when you have to
walk 2+miles
stand for over 7 hours at a time.
trust me..

ps. best way to describe it:
like a rock concert.
but better.

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