Friday, December 4, 2009

battery park sketch/scam artists

this past may lori and i went on a new york city adventure.

first place on our list: the statue of liberty.
so we rode the subway to battery park, and saw the tiny speck out in the harbor

afterwards, we walked back to the subway
(on our way to the brooklyn bridge)

we passed a sketch artist.
thinking it would be fun,

(and that he must have some talent based on his "examples")

we sat down.

it was somewhat awkward having everyone stop and watch and stare at us.

but whatever, we were enjoying our adventure.

at the end,
somehow, our initial $10 portrait,
ended up costing $35.

man, that guy was good.
or we were just weak.

either way.
this is what we ended up with.

which one is me? and which one is lori?
does it matter?

1 comment:

Karen said...

ha ha ha ha.
I should have been protecting my sweet innocent sister from the scam artists! I'm sorry! Blame me!