Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the long rambling post with random thoughts.

last weekend i went to st. george.
it was a much needed break.
and, i have to say, i think i would be a very good tan person.
or rather, a very good at getting tan person.
i changed into my loverly shade swimsuit, and lathered up on the sunscreen
(spf 30, i couldn't find the spf 90)
...oh and spray sunscreen is the best invention ever.
then, i made my way to the pool. ah. the pool. half inside, half outside.
i, of course, went outside. i had my trusty "pool bag" filled with a bottle of water, iPod, two magazines (i should add that they were over a month old from my nyc trip with the nieces, and i never got a chance to read them...traveling with kids is slightly occupying!). anyways, continuing on...a couple snacks, a book for school, sunglasses and extra sunscreen all snuggled nicely into this fabulous bag.

i got in the lukewarm water and played for a bit. then, the lovely (or not so lovely) pool chair called to me. i stuffed the earphones in my ear and tried to read a magazine while soaking up the hot sun. but, i couldn't concentrate and the magazine fell to the wayside.
i was simple being and enjoying. wonderful.
then, my handy iPod (which doubles as my phone...hence the iPhone heehee) started ringing (in my ears, remember, headphones!).
it was my lovely momma. i answered, and listened to her through the headphones, so i didn't even have to pick up the phone! i simply placed the speaker close to my mouth as I laid on the chair and kept enjoying the sunshine during a lovely chat with my momma.
i wasn't paying attention to anything or anyone except for the sun, the heat, the soft breeze, and momma's account of the earthquake (did you know there was an earthquake at home?? there was! you can google it!) and the icelandic volcano eruption (i won't even try to spell the name of the volcano)..
anyways, needless to say i was in heaven. or as close as i am going to get for awhile.
and i didn't even really remember where i was until lori (or was it hailey?) jarred me awake because they were heading back up to the room. then, they asked why i was talking to myself, which i wasn't, i was talking to momma! silly people, but i guess i was the one who looked kinda silly. but i didn't care. i was relaxed and enjoying the moment. (including the blindingly white legs and crazy wet/curly hair....seriously, i was so relaxed i didn't care about anything!)

this trip was a much needed break from the stresses of school, new responsibilities at work, and the upcoming crazy summer i have planned. seriously people, what was i thinking when i planned this summer?? i know that it will be lots of fun (with lots of relaxing in between), but crazy busy and lots of jet lag (but who doesn't love jet lag?).
after this summer, i will finally graduate (what? yes, you read right. i am graduating. giving up the awesome school scholarship, and amazing flight benefits) and eventually (hopefully) grow up. a little bit. just a little bit. trust me, you'll hardly notice.
other big decisions that come along with graduation are coming up as well.
wowzers. who knew life could be so unpredictable, amazing, fun, stressful, and just happy?

oh, and wish me luck on finals. i will be finished on thursday at 5:30 pm, well, i will be if i survive. i do not plan on sleeping much for the next 48 hours. i think professors have secret staff meetings (well, maybe not secret, but i sure don't know about them!) and plan ways to torture students. seriously, who planned my finals week to include FOUR 10-page papers, TWO big group presentations, and TWO exams all on Thursday. they couldn't even just spread them out of 4, 3 or even 2 days. meanies.

speaking of which, i should get back to a paper. yippee.

sorry it was so random (and i apologize to anyone at the pool who I might have blinded with my amazingly white skin). i suspect i will have more exciting posts coming up soon. really soon. oh i can't wait!

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