Sunday, July 4, 2010

the fourth & spain v. paraguay

i'm really sad that i am not in the USofA to celebrate the 4th of July.
i love huntsville, and spending the day at the park (or running back and forth from the park to the house), the parade, booths, playing on the trampoline with the sprinkler, Popsicles, winning excessive amounts of goldfish (that usually die a week later--RIP Guinevere I, II, & III ), the melodrama--oh the melodrama!--and spending time with the family.

one year, my friend called me on the 4th. this is the gist of the conversation:

friend: "what are you doing?"
me: "i'm at the Fourth."
friend: "what do you mean you are at the Fourth?"
me: "i'm AT the Fourth."

it was completely unacceptable that my friend did not know what the Fourth was, because to me, it simply isn't the Fourth unless I am in Huntsville Park.

this year, i celebrated Independence Day a little differently.
for one, i am in Spain. not in Huntsville.
secondly, i am in Spain.
if that makes sense.

but on the upside, if i couldn't exactly go to the local park and watch fireworks to celebrate my country's independence and patriotism, by golly, i was going to celebrate someway.

spain played paraguay in the world cup last night.
world. cup.
man, i wish the USofA was a little bit more into soccer (ahem, football).
anyways, i bought myself an Espana jersey, and made my way to the local bull fighting arena with some friends.
and, we (along with the rest of the town) watched the game on a big jumbotron.
it was amazing. and amazing doesn't even describe it.
the whole crowd. no.
the whole COUNTRY was there for the game. watching every move.
everyone was at the edge of their seats
(which were very uncomfortable, in case you were wondering)
it gets better.
in the last five minutes, spain scored.

and WON.

the stadium erupted and i am so surprised i am not deaf now.
the feeling of unity, joy and pride in their country was rampant.

and i was just as excited.

it was almost as good as being in huntsville.

oh, and p.s.
please pardon my hair (especially my fringe).
it's a little hot here.
and my straightener doesn't work.

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Neisy said...

I was missing Huntsville on the 4th, too, Julie-belle! But Spain? during the world cup...when they win? I cool is that! (I'm having another moment of vicarious living, my dear....)