Friday, March 18, 2011

the one about my birthday and my sisters. oh and other stuff too.

have you noticed recently
how the posts are a big random
compilation of randomness?

this one isn't any different.

except you get a pretty entertaining story at the end.
if i do say so myself.


my brother & his family live far, far, far away 
in a land called Ireland.
and, my sister-in-law did something incredible last week.
she donated a kidney to her dad, robert. 
read all about it here


two days ago (or is it three now?) 
i had a birthday.
a lovely birthday.

i wore a sash
it said "birthday princess"
it included lunch at the greek garden with my sisters.
except karen lives far, far, far away in NYC :(
so, i ate her souvlaki

best part of the birthday lunch? 

amy randomly brought up how a zit in her ear had been bothering her.
instead of the usual response 
(which should be "ewww, um we are, like, eating here.")
kimberly and i both, at the same time, said, 

 my ear. 

"no way! look at mine!!"

wow, we are related. 

after lunch, i quickly drove home to clean up the house.
you see, the parentals had been away, 
and i was left home to play :) 

they had to cut their trips short because of overbooked flights 
(silly spring breakers were "spring breaking it up" 
and us stand-by fliers have to change our plans)

so, they came home on my birthday!
needless to say...i needed to do a quick clean-up before heading to the airport.

i arrived at home, and decided it would be best to feed Poe first. 
i mean, he does need food, a little TLC, and all that jazz.
but, he was gone.

as in, n-o-t w-h-e-r-e h-e w-a-s s-u-p-p-o-s-e-d t-o b-e

so, i ran inside. grabbed his leash and my car keys.
said a quick (and yes, i'll admit a little demanding) prayer that i would find him soon.
and i took off driving around the neighborhood.

i took a left, and there was poe
running in the neighbor's yard
(yes, the love us still...amazing)

so i stopped real quick
(in the middle of the road--hey, it's a small, not super busy town)
and started calling poe over.
well, being the happy dog that he is 
(oh i like him lots!)
he came a runnin' right over.

i snapped on his leash right quick
..which probably wasn't that quick, but hey, it got the job done.
and then i was left in a quandary.
what to do now? 

i was roughly a mile away from my house with my run-away dog, my car, and not the right pair of shoes. (yeah, i!)

Option A: do i walk Poe home and then run back to get my car?

cons--1. wearing the wrong shoes to walk ~ 1 mile 2. Poe was slobbering on me--imagine walking with it flying everywhere 3. i'd be late leaving for the airport 4. the house would still be not clean (notice i didn't say dirty!)


Option B: drive home with Poe walking alongside the car (while holding the leash out my rolled-down window) now poe was keenly interested in my tires and so i was concerned i'd run over his big paws 2. what would i do once i got to the main road that is busy! with a dog outside the window! 3. i could just imagine that if poe saw something he liked in the field, he'd take off running....while my arm was wrapped up in the leash while driving...not smart

pro--is there one? i think this idea caused me the most anxiety ever. 

Option C: have Poe jump in the back of my car and just drive him home. 

cons--1. poe was nasty from running in fields=dirty car 2. poe is huge and probably wouldn't fit in the entirety of my car, let alone leave me enough room to drive 3. i've never driven with a dog/any animal=stress and 4. dog breath (need i say more)

pro-get home quick and have time to clean (a little)

which option did i choose? 

of course, option c.

somehow poe managed to fit in the backseat 
(i think even he was surprised!).
however, at first he couldn't quite get comfortable and somehow maneuvered his paws onto the armest of the driver's seat (in the middle).
this wasn't so good when i stopped a little to quickly and he came stumbling forward.
after that, his head came to rest right next to mine.

he breath stunk 

(not to mention his mouth is big enough to swallow my head whole--probably should have listed this in the "con" section)

and he was drooling.
so, i was practically leaning my head out the window.
like most dogs too.


but, we made it home in one piece.
i closed of poe's escape hole he'd dug

cleaned the house (a bit)
and jetted to the airport (only 30 minutes late).

day one of age 23: drove with dog in car--check
new adventures: bring it on.

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Dear Julie,

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