Monday, September 12, 2011

day 10: the one where i think there is a creeper following me.

today i woke up to a beautiful day here in dc, and absolutely nothing to do. 
(besides the ever-present job hunting adventure)

so, after lounging around in my pajamas, i got a little antsy.

i changed into my workout clothes, hid my house key in my handy spybelt
(thanks heide!)
and off i went to explore my neighborhood.

i walked towards pentagon city, and one moment there was a cement well in front of me, and the next, the most beautiful view of dc! 
(i should have taken a picture--whoops!)
it is still incredible to me (and i hope it will always be this way) that i live this close to these amazing sights! 

the pentagon, the white house, the washington monument, the big lincoln--otherwise known as the lincoln monument--
seriously, these places are incredible!

i love it.

i l-o-v-e it! 

anyways, onto the point of this post
(hint: it's in the title)
i got a little lost. and not terribly lost, but just "i took a wrong turn and not sure what to do besides turn around and come back the way i came" kind of lost. 
(the streets are seriously confusing here) 
so, i turned around and eventually found where i was supposed to be. 

when i was about 5 minutes away from my house 
(after a ~5 mile adventure, i was covered in sweat and ready to be home with the air conditioning!),
  i noticed a man following me, who had been there for a block or two.
i thought i'd  be sneaky and cut through an apartment complex to get to the bridge to my house 
(yep, there is a little creek nearby!)
instead of staying on the main sidewalk, 
just to make sure that this guy wasn't following me. 

so as i reached the bridge by taking my "shortcut", i saw him coming up behind the other building to the bridge as well 
(which would have been my original route had i not tried being sneaky!) 
i might have panicked a little bit, but decided to just keep walking. 

well, my house is 2 houses down from the bridge, and
i didn't want him to know where i lived so i kept walking past, 
and went a couple blocks further AND HE WAS STILL BEHIND ME!

so i said a quick prayer, asking which direction to go to get away from this guy. 
i turned right at the next block, and thankfully the man kept walking straight.
I doubled back and went to my house, safe and sound. 
i never thought anything bad would happen, 
but always better to be safe than sorry...whew. 
tomorrow i might venture all the way to target. 
yep, there is one that is precisely 1.9 miles from my house. 

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Neisy said...

i know exactly how you feel!! when we moved to Cali, I didn't go ANYWHERE without my gps....and I did google map searches of every store I could think of so I would know where it was in relationship to my apartment. sounds like you are having quite the adventure, tho...even if it's only in a target store!! HA! Love you girl!