Wednesday, December 14, 2011

box of love

my sister sent me this picture the other day:

it is a christmas present i gave her years and years ago (we are talking ~15). 
and i had completely forgotten about it (until she sent the picture, obviously!)
i was little and wanted to get everyone a christmas present. 
well, when you are little, you really don't have money to get big, elaborate gifts.
so, i got creative. 
i gave a Box of Love.

basically, it is a box. 
and it's filled with love!
and a little love note that was good for 20 hugs and expired in 2020.
guess i should have kept track of that better. whoops

wasn't i awesome??

well...i'm still want to get everyone a present, 
but don't have the money for big, elaborate gifts.

so, guess what you are all getting for christmas this year?

you lucky ducks!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

I put the box under my tree every year & open it every Christmas :) I wonder what I'll do with it after it finally "expires" in 2020?!?