Monday, November 19, 2012


today i am thankful for tomorrow. (isn't that a trippy sentence?)

I really am though. here is why:

tomorrow i get to see my sister.
tomorrow i get to see my mom.
tomorrow i get to see my dad.
tomorrow is my friday this week.
tomorrow my sister and i get to embark on an awesome road trip.
tomorrow i get to eat road trip food (aka junk).
tomorrow i get to change into jeans at work at 5:01PM.
tomorrow i get to start a mini vacation.
tomorrow is one day closer to PUMPKIN PIE.
tomorrow is one day closer to ORANGE ROLLS.
tomorrow is one day closer to a hand and foot marathon. 
tomorrow is one day closer that i can finally take a trunk full of stuff to my mom. (it's been piling up at my house).
tomorrow i get to be with family. while i will miss those i won't see...i'm super excited about those i will.

and for today...i am also thankful that i am almost done packing. then i can get some much needed sleep for the road trip tomorrow. it shall commence at 5:01PM (please cross your fingers that traffic will be light and nonexistent tomorrow).

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Becca said...

you're tripping like right now!? how fun is that? i don't need to say have a good time because i know you will...but i have to say it anyway! have a great time! be safe! Happy Thanksgiving!