Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zebra Print Diapers

Today I'm thankful for funny dreams. I don't always remember my dreams but it's always fun when I do. (unless it was a bad dream). Last night I dreamt that one of my managers and his wife were having a baby. They asked me if I would get them some diapers at the store and I said sure. But they wanted specific diapers not just any old diaper. Apparently in my dream Huggies made zebra print diapers, but my manager wanted generic brand zebra print diapers. Weird huh? I went to quite a few stores and could only find the name weird! Apparently I am on a hot new product idea. Don't steal it you peeps. or if you do and it's super successful, I claim 50% of all profits and 0% operating cost!

And it has now been confirmed by 3 people that I talk in my sleep. Kim said I kept telling her how much I loved her last night. Awesome sauce!

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