Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awkward? I think so. In fact, I know so.

Without going into lots of boring details, this story begins with me transferring my life insurance policy. Not a big deal, right? Right.

All I had to do was sign a few papers.

(I probably signed away my first-born son or something, I didn't really read the fine-print...should I admit to that?)

Then, a random phone call from a man wanting to take my blood (some medical exam they have to do...) led to one EMBARRASSING experiences.

Here is the gist of our conversation: (Oh, and he was a very handsome fire fighter, this is important...i tend to get tongue-tied around them)

Nate: "Sorry I am so late, traffic was really bad out in Roy."

Me: "That darn traffic, also messing with everybody's business" (i am SOOOOO clever)

Nate: "So, are you currently on your period?"

Me: (Blushing profusely) "Uh, No?" (seriously, no transition whatsoever!)

Nate: "Is that a question?"

Me: "No?"

Nate: "Alright, while I am getting set up here, can you go, um, go in the bathroom?"

Me: "Sure! I just drank two bottles of water for this very purpose!"

Five Minutes Later...

Me: "Umm we might have to wait until the end of the exam because, uh, nothing is gonna happen for awhile..."

Nate: "Uh, alright, that works, let me see your arm."

Me: "Sure thing."

Awkward silence has he checks mundane,
but amazing, things like blood pressure and heart rates.

Nate: "K, I am going to take some blood, "

Me: "alright, i can't look or i might know how that goes"

Nate: "Sure."

Well, needless to say, my veins are he had to use a different arm, and the positioning was awkard because his face was RIGHT NEXT TO MINE,
really really really awkard.
And silent.

Turns out I have pretty red blood :)

Nate: "Do you think you can, you know, uh, go now?"

Me: "Huh? Oh, right. Um, yes, I think so."

Two minutes later...

Me: "Here you go!"--still blushing, i mean come on! you know what I am handing him!

Nate: "Alright, thanks. you are all done."

Me: "Awesome. Thanks for, um, yeah. Thanks."

Smooth, Julie.
Real smooth.

And not the least bit awkward,

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