Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why I Love Post-Its

last semester, i got a little overwhelmed with all of the homework, reading, quizzes, tests, assignments, and other miscellaneous school-related things i needed to get done.

so, i got creative.

by making this wall sized "to do" list, could visualize better what needed to be done for each class.

"done" side "to do" side

i know, i know i am crazy!

but, it was a HUGE thing when i could move one post-it from the "to do" side of the wall to the "DONE!" side.

i didn't just throw the post-it away because, COME ON, that was a LOT of work that went into each project!

"done" side "to do" side

all finished!

now, i think i might make one for this coming semester, but i think i need to find a different location (i don't think that above my bed was the best "stress free" place", you know what i mean???)

am i the only one who does crazy stuff like this
to try to keep myself somewhat sane and organized???

1 comment:

KIT said...

Julie, I totally did something just like this...we covered 2 walls with a mis-match of white boards, until it was entirely covered. Everything we did or had to do was on that wall.