Monday, September 7, 2009


Once upon a time there was a girl named JulieBelle.
JulieBelle had loooong, red hair (that was in a constant ponytail/bun-type hair do) and very white skin that held several thousand freckles (and that is just on her arms!)

JulieBelle was in need of a new 'do for her hair.
(And she can't go short yet, she has goals to meet!)

So, she called up the Amazing Kindle and made an Emergency Hair Appointment

(and one for her Mummy as well,
you know JulieBelle & Mummy must
do these sorts of things together)

Late one night (remember, it was an EMERGENCY), Mummy & JulieBelle walked into Kindle's fabulous salon, and had the most amazing time.

When it was JulieBelle's turn in the chair (oh how she loved the chair!),

Kindle's first words out were,
"What do you think about bangs?"

"Umm, I like bangs, sure, why not?" was JulieBelle's reply.

After a lovely hairwash/headmassage, Kindle's fingers and scissors went to work. (-sidenote- the word scissors needs a 'z' in there somewhere, don't you think?) After all of the cutting, hair drying, and styling was done, Julie couldn't recognize herself.

Indeed, she did wonder, at one point,
who that GORGEOUS girl was in the mirror!

(choose definition #4).

And once again, it was reinforced that Kindle is a genius!

After a few weeks of adjusting to her fantabulous new 'do, JulieBelle decided to take one of her bestest friends, Michelle, out for a little Mission clothes shopping. (Michelle was leaving in only a few short weeks, and this provided an excellent excuse to hang out, discuss how JulieBelle will not write letters, but draw pictures (probably snow-caped mountains, you know, like a 3rd grader)...and most importantly be "productive" and find Michelle clothes.

They decided to venture out to the Outlet Malls of Park City, Utah. Here they found several stores with many tempting goodies inside. While looking for Mission-appropriate clothings, JulieBelle happened upon a dress, a beautiful black dress just begging to be tried on (and it should probably be mentioned-not Mission appropriate). After minutes of begging, JulieBelle gave in, and tried on the dress (while Michelle wandered around comparing cardigans).

JulieBelle and the dress became fast friends and knew they couldn't be separated by anything. After several minutes of contemplating, and at least two consults with Michelle, it was decided the dress would be giving a home in JulieBelle's closet.

Then, JulieBelle saw the pricetag, and hesitated. After much explaining, JulieBelle told the dress she would be back (she is on a student, aka "nonexistant" budget and needed to get financially creative.)

All JulieBelle could think about the rest of the day was the PERFECT black dress that waited for her at The Gap, and
how FANTABULOUS it looked
with her new fringe

(despite the rest of the hair being tied up).

So, she made her way back to The Gap, and back to the dress, using her bit of plastic to make it possible to give the dress a home. (all the while praying that her FAFSA would be approved!)

After the plastic had been swiped (and approved!) Michelle and JulieBelle decided that finding California Mission-appropriate clothing was a difficult task to complete when Utah was in the mood for Fall, with long-sleeve sweaters and jackets, and drowned their failed Operation Mission Clothes in lovely Cafe Rio salads

On the bright side, they all
(JulieBelle, Fringe, & Dress)
lived happily ever after.
(And plan on sending Michelle a drawing of the dress).

The End.

Moral of the Story: JulieBelle+New Hair+New Dress=Happyness


Amy said...

Love the fringe & the dress!

Karen said...

You are going to bring it to my house and "forget" it right?

JulieBelle said...

i might (keyword:might) let you wear it. but there are certain restrictions. 1. No foods allowed within 20 feet. 2.You help me find a sweater/jacket/scarf/etc to wear with it. And 3. You return it within 24 hours of wearing it :)

PS I also got some GREAT shoes at Dillards (ONLY $24!!) That I need to find an outfit for

PPS I also STILL need to find an outfit for my Parisian Hat. Help, please.

Neisy said...

julieBelle....OH THE FRINGE! Love, love, love it!
can you say..."Breakfast at Tiffany's"?
love you

Danielle said...

I am loving that dress!!!