Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MJBTYAAA (Miss Julie Belle Thinks You Are Awesome Award)

So, I have decided that there a lot of of people that are AWESOME!

(some might even be more awesome than me, but don't tell them that!)

Last week, Karen won the Awesome Award.

See, my computer (my beloved Mac, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways...) was having issues. And, I didn't have time (or the money) for it to be having these issues. So, I made a Genius Bar appointment (another reason why Apples are

At my beloved computer's check-up, the "doc" informed me that I could either (A.) upgrade my software (to Leopard) AND my Microsoft Office OR (B.) I could purchase a new computer.

Well, I didn't really like these options:

Option A: $300
Option B: $2000

Having A Sister With Connections? PRICELESS

I was talking (aka whining) about my computer issues to Karen that afternoon on Gmail Chat (gotta love Gmail) and can you guess what she said? It was something like "Oh, I just upgraded my computer, and I bought the family pack, so I have an extra code that you can use them" (FOR FREE!) I nearly fainted with gratitude.

This is one reason why she is awesome (another: she bought me the best paperclips, pushpins and magnets ever--don't make fun of my love for office things: claire, i mean you--). She is always doing really nice things for everyone around her like this. And she just radiates Awesomeness. And she is my sister, and I love her.

Therefore, she wins Last Week's Miss Julie Belle Thinks You Are Awesome Award (MJBTYAAA).

Wait, you are wondering who won this week's?

Easy Answer: Hailey.

Just watch this video. You will understand.

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Neisy said...

Karen?...yes, that is given...but did you know that YOU win the ETYAAA award? (EVERYONE thinks you....) Especially me!
love you