Tuesday, February 9, 2010

writer's block

last semester i wrote my senior thesis.
it was fab.u.lous.

in fact,
i wrote it twice because it was so awesome.
(not really, the first one stunk, second one rocked!)

(seriously though, if you want to read it, email me. it is fascinating!)

so, all in all (including the other 4 classes i took in addition to senior seminar....yes, i am crazy)
i wrote well over 100 pages. yes, over one hundred pages.

i guess that explains why i am so hesitant to do homework/write papers this semester.
one 6 page paper was due this morning at 10:30 am.
it is now 8:30 pm, and only 4 pages have been written.
i figure i will take the 1 point penalty to turn it in tomorrow morning.
talk about senior-itis

but, my goal was to come home from class today, finish the paper, shower (yes, i might smell a little), and make valentines for some of you loverly people.

as previously mentioned, it is now 8:30 pm, and i am still writing/ procrastinating.
the shower might have to wait until tomorrow morning,
and valentines.
well, they have to be done tonight (deliveries take for.ev.er),
so i guess it will be a late one. but oh so much fun (post-paper writing, of course)

i knew there was a reason you take senior seminar on your last senior semester. seriously. talk about burnt out.

wish me luck on the last 1.75 pages.

and yes, after they are all delivered, i will post pictures of my awesomely awesome valentines treats. i might even dig up pictures from last year, because those were pretty awesome as well :)