Monday, March 8, 2010


a couple years ago, claire and i were walking from the business building to the social science building.
a flat sidewalk.
flat. as in, no hill whatsoever.
one minute we were walking.
the next, i was flat on the ground with a bleeding knee and elbow/arm.
i have no idea.

fast forward to present day:

almost every day i cut through the student services building on my way to class.
seriously, it saves me 1.3 minutes.
i timed it.

and almost everyday i trip as i go out on to the main sidewalk.
almost everyday.

it has gotten slightly annoying.

when i inevitably tripped.
i looked down

and this is what i saw.

now i am going to be much more careful.
and miss the uneven sidewalk.
silly me.

good think i have never hit the ground, or had too many spectators.

1 comment:

Neisy said...

man...I hate those uneven sidewalks that know...INVISIBLE!

Ha...girl you crack me up!