Sunday, July 18, 2010


today, i wore my zebra dress.
and black flats.
and walked 25 minutes to church.

i was immediately hugged, kissed, and welcomed into their small branch.
i felt loved.
and they didn't even know my name yet.

i didn't understand every word.
but i understood every feeling.

amanda, a new amiga, even asked me to read.
from the bible, book of mormon, and lesson manual.
i didn't always know what i read,
and i don't think i pronounced half the words correctly.
but we all understood.

carina and logan both said prayers.
que bonita.

we all enjoyed a small snack in between meetings.

our small group increased the size of their branch by nearly a third today.
they all taught me more in 3 hours than i have learned during my 3 weeks here.

some things were different.

but it was all the same.
el mismo.

i love the gospel.
me encanta.
and that i can feel at home anywhere in the world.

oh, and the air conditioning was lovely.

on the walk home, carina and i walked through a small fountain to cool off.

(pictures soon!)


steph k said...

I love this entry the BEST!!! how sweet!

Becca said...

You are so sweet Julie!
This is for your last post where you mentioned the attractive are the elbows there? :) We miss you Julie! We are glad you are having a great time!