Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bikinis only

it was hot yesterday...
(have i mentioned the heat before?)

so heide, erica and i decided it was time to go to the pool.
after siesta of course.
going before would have been crazy.
it would have been too hot.

so we left about 4:30 and walked over.
nothing like 3 gringas walking around town in their swimwuits.

we paid our money, laid out the towels and ran to the cool water.
(oh, and i lathered up on sunscreen. obviously)

i had just put my foot into the lovely water to test it.
i was planning on jumping in.

and heide taps my shoulder.
"uh, she's talking to you."

me: "who?"
and then i see her.

the mean pool lady.

last time, she made heide take off her glasses
(that she had been swimming with FOR AN HOUR...)

i guess it was my turn.

pool lady: "no puedes llevar camista o patalones en la piscina."
(you cannot wear a shirt or shorts in the pool)

me: "como? este es mi traje de bano."
(what? this is my swimsuit.)

pool lady: "NO ROPA EN LA PISCINA. Necesitas un bikini."
(NO CLOTHES IN THE POOL. You need a bikini.)

me: **pulling at my swimsuit trying to show her it was NOT a shirt, but a swimsuit**
"No es una camiseta. Es mi traje de bano."
(it is NOT a shirt. It is my swimsuit)

pool lady: "no ropa. necesitas un bikini" **and she pointed towards the pool exit.**
(no clothes. you need a bikini)

yep. i got kicked out of the local pool for NOT wearing a bikini.


oh, and GO MODESTY.

when i get back i'll show you a picture of my swimsuit THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY A SWIMSUIT.

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Neisy said...

"Modest is the hottest"...I mean that literally....
love you =)