Wednesday, August 4, 2010

state hopping.

yep, i made it back home.
safe and sound.
(thank goodness)

getting home was a doozy.
involved one country (unlike getting to Spain...right, i still need to tell y'all that story...)
and a few states.

New Jersey (nearly NY)
(almost Ohio)
and finally.

oh finally.


i visited Mary for a quick sleepover

(she is wonderful. if you don't know her, you should meet her.)

one day i will go and just visit her.
just her.


back on point.

i am home.
missing siestas.
glad to see family.
and friends.
busy at work
and glad to be back there.
i actually missed it.
(don't be jealous, i love my job.)

my sister, kimberly, and i went on a walk to the monastery last night.
because we could.
and i missed walking.
to the store.
to church.
to the museos.
to nowhere. those were the best.

i love home.
even if we don't have a siesta everyday.

1 comment:

steph k said...

welcome home!!

I miss you. :D