Wednesday, December 29, 2010

miss me?'s been a while.

(as if you couldn't already tell)

i've been a little busy.
and not busy.
all at the same time.

to catch you up: 
(and be warned, it will be random...just like me)

i graduated!
(finally...that graduation application finally burnt a hole in my pocket)

everyone asks, "so, what's next?"
and truthfully,
i have no idea.

i planned until graduation.
who woulda thunk you needed a plan after graduation?
definitely not i.

so, for now, there is no plan.
and a million possibilities.

they say the world is at my feet.
but i don't like it at my feet.
i prefer to think it's at my eye level,
because then, i can see it better.
but, how well does "she's got the whole world at her eye level" sound?
i mean, really?

in other news, i am an auntie again!
i love being an aunt.
i love all of 'them' (meaning the little nieces and nephews).

although, the oldest one just sent a text
asking for my help with math homework.


but, since he is so busy now with is teenager lifestyle
i will take any time i can get with him.
even if we are figuring out how to solve for y

another niece, dared me to do something silly.
so i said "sure" like any crazy aunt would do.
i now have a picture of prince caspian
(from the chronicles of narnia movies)
as the screen saver on my phone for
two whole weeks.
i think he might stay around a little bit longer ;)

one little nephew is 2
(i think...somehow they all have be bamboozled on their ages and 'order' in my mind)
I like him lots.
for a few weeks we have been working on "julie is my favorite aunt"
followed by a "hooray!"
(positive reinforcements, people! it works!)
and the day after christmas, he started saying it all on his own!
meaning, no urging from me to have him repeat every word after me.
(don't worry, i also taught him "grammy is gorgeous" and "karen is pretty")
it's pretty much a.dor.ab.le

i love speaking spanish
even though i'm not super great at it
(seriously, i can barely speak english)
last week, zach came over to work on super secret christmas presents.
we had almost an entire conversation in spanish.
it was lovely.

while christmas shopping with my sisters,
(yes, all of my sisters! --sidenote: karen come to visit from nyc!! hip hip hooray!)
amy was buying her exciting finds.
i wasn't buying anything.
amy asked why i wasn't buying anything
(which, you all know, is strange)
and i said, "no tengo dinero"
and the lady at the register totally commented
"haha me neither!"

it was awesome.

i was gifted a beautiful copy of "emma" by jane austen for christmas
(thank you karen!)
i started reading it to my niece, lilo.
then she and her sister found the dvd in our library.
so we watched it last night.
lilo prefers the dvd.
i prefer the book.
in fact, each night i can't wait to read more
even though i already know the story.
practically by heart.

and, there is lots more.
but, it probably is of no interest to you.
and i can't really remember it anyways.

maybe a new year's resolution will be to blog more.
but if i say that, they you know that it
most likely, probably, will not happen.
so i won't say that.

i will say something like
"tell at least one compliment each day"
we all like compliments.
at least i do.

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Becca said...

You are awesome Julie! I love reading your random posts! This is a crazy time of life and there are so many possibilities! I am excited to watch and see what you choose! You should know that you are an amazing girl! You are goodness inside and out! I really love you! I am glad you love being an aunt! We all benefit from your love for our children. :)
Oh, I love, love, love the picture of your feet on our family calendar. Profound. :) love it!