Monday, January 3, 2011

the list of requirements.

a few (or many) years ago, i wrote a list.

a list of qualities i want in my future spouse (hereafter known as "mr. right" or "mr. perfect").

(as, i am sure, most of you have done as well, at some point or another)

and, over the years, it has changed and grown.

well, i have come up with another quality/talent to add:

must be very capable of making left turns at any intersection.

yep, it is that important.

and, i know that i can't just write out a list of mr. perfect and expect it all,

at least without improving myself to be mrs. perfect at the same time.

(although, i like to think i am pretty awesome, just not perfect)

so, in turn (yes, mr. right, I am talking directly to you, now)

i will practice and perfect right turns.



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