Friday, February 4, 2011

chasing the sun. and other news.

as you all know, i have been struggling a little (or a lot)
with what i want to do for the rest of my life
(or at least the next little bit).
(any suggestions are welcome--and appreciated)

but, in between making major life decisions
(or rather making many pro and con lists - - hey, don't make fun)

i have been up to this:

 1. enjoying stuffed french toast at jeremiah's

2. trying on a patient's SUPER BOWL ring. 
as in THE Super Bowl. 
he plays for the New Orleans Saints. 
it was pretty cool. not gonna lie. 


3. rearranging my room.
i got rid of lots of junk.
and decorated it.
it was a lovely time. i enlisted the help of two nieces.
they didn't know what they were in for. 
(but i sweetened the deal when i gave them some of the junk)

4. wearing super cute new boots. 
gifted to me by Princess Karen. 
i love them. 
and have worn them almost every day. 

5. working out. 
no, this is not me working out. 
this is momma after working out.
we were surprised with a small blizzard.
momma and i (along with a few other friends)
work out a couple times a week with a trainer.
it's lovely
and not lovely.
all at the same time. 
(last thursday ran two miles of intervals...blech)

6. wearing tights.
because it is cold. 
as in, COLD.
so, tomorrow, i am going to chase the sun.
wait, i need to clarify that....
the WARM sun. 

and i'm wearing my swimsuit.


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Neisy said...

I love you, Julie-belle.