Monday, April 18, 2011

Tom & lucy's Art Shoppe

Friends, Family, and you,

I am finally participating in an Art Shoppe to show off some of my oozing creativity :)
It's Tom & Lucy's Art Shoppe in Lehi, UT on May 19-21st, 2011!
I am sooooo excited and partly because it is one of the absolute best shoppes i've been to :) so, come and visit/support me (or my homemade know, whichever you prefer) and other local vendors...and there is even a super awesome (yes, i can say super awesome) Girls Night Out on Thursday Night! Check out their website for details.

And, on to what I'm creating....

This time I am focusing on some of my lovely, dainty, cute, vintage, contemporary cake plates (which can be used for LOTS of other purposes besides just cakes!). Every single one is unique and oh-so-cute! I can't hardly stand it! (I love them so much, I hardly want to sell them....but i don't think that the parentals would really like their house overrun with cake plates...) Seriously, people...SO much fun! In fact, I already have ideas for what each one could be used is absolutely perfect for stuffed mushrooms at New Years, another is perfect for mini chocolate chip cookies, another one is perfect for french toast (yes! seriously people, soooo many uses), one for just displaying all by itself--seriously, it is like a work of art! anyways, i'm hoping to get some pictures posted be on the look-out!

And, since you know i can't just do one thing....

I'm also selling my Eye Chart Posters! I came up with some new designs, quotes, etc...and they are soooo eye-catching (pardon the pun!). Again, pictures coming soon! I am soooo giddy about these too! seriously people, i can't hardly stand the love--that's when you know it's good :)

Oh, and, since the sad news about the Phoenix Alliance not hosting an event for the new Harry Potter movie this summer, I am going to be selling some items I created for their past events...perfect for gearing up for your own premiere party this summer for the film!

and, remember, peeps, please be patient as i get my website/blog and shop up and running! You are the best-seriously!


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