Sunday, June 5, 2011

the boys are back.

my cute nephew and niece are staying with us for a few days while their parentals get some peace.and.quiet. (or get some stuff built at their new house...whichever)

i missed these kids.

after their parents left we decided to let them "get really tired" and took them outside to:
--play with chickens and ducks (never gets old)
--jump on the trampoline (fun)
--play with Poe (the polar bear dog)
---just plain wear them out! (kids needed to sleep good!)

i took scarlett on the trampoline. it took her a bit to get used to the jumping/bouncing part but she never stopped smiling or giggling. it was pretty much adorable.

before we knew it, over an hour had passed (and scarlett is now a pro and jumping with her crazy brothers!)

we brought them in and got their jammies on, read scriptures and said family prayer. 

mom and i tucked little scarlett into bed.
she just laid there and giggled as we sang "eency weency spider" and "popcorn popping"
(complete with hand actions....yep, i know)

i would have laughed too with two adults standing over my pack-n-play and singing crazy songs about spiders and popcorn.

then, we let the boys stay up late. (well later)
we watched mulan and i played with my hair.
the boys giggled a lot. i love their giggles.

after a few minutes of the movie, we decided it was too late and tucked the boys in bed.
i tried to give them kisses goodnight but they kept pulling the covers up! (rude!)
so i just kissed 'em thru the blanket!

they thought that was

as we were walking out, luke asked "will someone please lay by me?"
and who can say no to that?

so then solomon wanted someone to lay by him.

mom took solomon and i took luke.

he is so sweet. we chatted for a few minutes.
he showed off his counting skills and told me his plans for while he was at my house.

after our chat, i said "goodnight luke"

and he said "goodnight julie. i like you."

awwww. tender :)

the boys are back. for a few days.
and i like it.

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