Saturday, July 9, 2011

Party Time. Excellent

Mom retired....
feel free to jump around screaming with excitment!

So, to celebrate (which you simply must do), 
we had to party.

we didn't want anything to crazy, complicated or dramatic 
(you all know how dramatic party planning can be...)

so we settled on a simple BBQ (hot dogs only) 
and open-house style. 

i didn't get many pictures of the event itself, when everyone was there, but here are a few samplings.

on the menu:
Hot Dogs
Gourmet Condiments 
(seriously, anything and everything you could ever want to put on a hot dog)
Homemade Potato Salad 
(no onion & onion)
Texas Cake

we did individual serving cups for the potato salad 
(much easier than a big hunking bowl of it!)

Pink Lemonade

the set up:
each table had a cake pedestal 
with mini condiments. 

everything mini is cute. 
so cute.


we also had utensils and napkins 
at every table to limit what people
had to carry to their seat

the party: 


 mike grilled for a bit:

the boys (& sometimes girls)
jumped on the trampoline:

two little girls enjoyed the sun chairs.

mom talked herself out of a voice:

the kids kept trying to let the chickens out of the coop:

he got time out for throwing sand
and said he was sorry:

Mom admired her "gold & diamonds" with sarah.:

she played with poe:
(and maybe even unleashed him once or twice, 
but what kind of party doesn't have a little 
excitement with a giant polar bear dog being let loose?)

the aftermath:

all in all: perfect

i adore this website, and got some ideas (or all of them) from here, and just modified them all to what i wanted. there are even free printables!

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Neisy said...

Just now catching up....what can I say, this summer has been a blur! But the party was definitely one of the highlights! You are one talented girl. Glad I got to be there. It was SPECTACULAR!
Love you