Monday, October 31, 2011


happy halloween, my friends!

i dressed up for work today.
i borrowed my roommate's headband,
and hot glued a red pipe cleaner to two black pompoms. 
oh and cut up some black posterboard.

and being as ridiculously clever as i am...this is what i came up with:
 yep. i took a picture in the bathroom at my work....
classy, i know. 
i was trying to be discreet about how much i LOVED my costume. 

It was perfect. 

the best was when about five people asked me what was up with the dots on my dress. 

eh, i'll come up with something even more clever for next year. 

oh, and i came home from work, and literally sat on my couch waiting with the giant bowl of candy for the doorbell to ring. and it didn't....for almost 30 minutes! Did all those kids out there not know that i was just itching to give them candy?????? well, i must have wished too much because from then on out, there was a constant stream of little trick or treaters (and some older ones too, but i'm not going to say no...i mean, they put the effort in!). And at 7:30 we had to turn off our light because all of the candy was gone :( 
so. much. fun!

i hope you all had a fantastic holiday!

ps: if you didn't send me pictures of your kids all dressed up 
(yes, you becca),
i want to see them!!

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Becca said...

ha ha! I think I checked your blog twice in one day! I'll get on that Julie! :) I like the dots on your dress. You are a babe!