Monday, November 7, 2011

some thoughts.

so, this past weekend was exciting/exhausting/fabulous.

mom flew into town and we drove up to nyc to watch Karen & Jordan run the NYC Marathon. 

it was a whirlwind couple of days, but inbetween all of the fun, i had some thoughts.

1. i live in a beautiful, amazing city and need to take more advantage of my surroundings. so, i'm going to make a list of my "want to see in DC" and "want to see on East Coast". Maybe i'll make tabs on here and then cross them out as i do them, then you can follow along and wish you were as cool as me (or just follow along, we all know i'm not that cool!).

2. i completely understand how people can come and drive along the east coast in the fall to look at the changing leaves. it. is. GORGEOUS. mom might have been tired of hearing me say "look at that tree! OOOOOOOO look at THAT tree!" the entire drive from DC to NYC.

3. i might want to maybe run a marathon one day. or maybe a half-marathon? it really is an amazing atmosphere to be apart of.

4. speaking of marathons: Karen and Jordan are AMAZING and they completed their SECOND marathon! I am so happy I could go and be apart of their incredible experience. i even ate salmon with them for their "pre race" meal...that is how much i love them :)

 5. i miss the stars. seriously. i miss them. remember how mom sent me utah's fall? yep, i want someone (yes, i am talking to you), to send me stars. or just a plane ticket so i can come visit and see them myself? yes? yes, that sounds like a good plan.

6. i need to write a book about some of my and my family's crazy experiences. mom got bit by a dog last week during her and my dad's trip to belize. WHO IN THE WORLD DOES THAT HAPPEN TO? seriously. i'll fill you in later. or just wait for the book. goodness. 

7. i am tired. yep, t-i-r-e-d. that was a loooooong weekend and it was lovely. but i am in some serious want/need of some sleep.

8. now i don't have anymore thoughts but of how i want to sleep, so i'll try to remember what my other thoughts were :) maybe you will even get some pictures. now, wouldn't that be exciting!

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Claire Hawkes said...

What a fun weekend! I would love to run a marathon but just going to the grocery store kills me haha! A half marathon sounds much better:) Miss you, hope life is good!