Monday, May 14, 2012

what to say in a job interview 

a few months back (october 2011) to be exact, i had a job interview. the job interview. 
i was so giddy, i sang in the shower after i hung up the phone confirming the appointed time. 
(sorry to anyone who heard must have been a bit painful)

of course, i couldn't sleep the night before the big morning. i practiced answers to every possible question that could be asked. but at the same time that i felt completely inadequate (selling yourself is hard work) i also knew that the job was already mine if i chose it. (yes, i was obnoxiously confident).

so, the morning of the interview i woke up, put on my fancy clothes, said a prayer (or five) and headed out the door. 
and immediately got lost.
yes, lost.
thank heavens for jane, my gps.

i still arrived 15 minutes early
yep, i was one of those interviewees.

in the interview i couldn't remember any of my carefully crafted answers. words just tumbled out of my mouth and somehow the lady interviewing me thought i was making sense.

 i don't remember many specifics of the interview besides this one response. the lady asked me what i thought about the position and the growth opportunities this job would allow. my response: "well, you know, bloom where you are planted." as soon as these words left my mouth, i could envision them all on a fishing pole line and myself desperately trying to reel them back in. you say those kinds of things in church, in young womens, at girls camp, you know...those types of settings. 

who says "bloom where you are planted" in a real life, real business-y job interview?

i did.

and, i got the job.

so, you know, bloom where you are planted.


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