Thursday, November 1, 2012


Since it is nearing the end of the day, I am almost positive that you are aware that it is November 1st. Yes, people. It is already November. And, since I am terrible at updating you peeps on my life and it is the Month of Gratitude, I've made a decision. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I made a decision. 

I am going to post my daily gratitudes for you to peruse and enjoy. Isn't that so generous of me? 

I thought so. 

anywho. without further ado....

On this First Day of November 2012, I am thankful for....

  • the fact that my car only squealed for half a block this morning. 
  • punching in 18 minutes early at work. then i said HA to to the time clock
  • a new dress that received loads of compliments (i looked pretty good, if i do say so myself)
  • having a job that offers awesome health benefits....woot woot!
  • a brother who can explain all the ins and outs of health benefits (and any other benefits too...want his name/number? just ask!)
  • cough drops
  • Halloween pictures of my siblings' offspring (aka the cutest kids in the WORLD)
  • heated mattress pad
  • TV on DVD

and now this cough better go away by tomorrow because tomorrow is FRIDAY, which for those of you who do not know.....Friday is the beginning of the weekend. And i am very thankful for that...but i'm sure i will mention it then.

pardon my spelling and grammar mistakes. my heard hurts from coughing. last is a photo of me partying on Halloween. awesome. 



Claire Hawkes said...

Haha I love your pirate outfit! Miss you!

Becca said...

You are a hottie Julie! Looking forward to hearing what you are grateful for. :)